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Highbank Organic Orchard Syrup

Irelands answer to maple syrup, this sweet and delicious, pouring, organic apple syrup, is the first of its kind. Grown and produced by Highbank Orchards in Kilkenny, Ireland.


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    100% Organic

    Certified Organic by The Organic Trust

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    Single Estate

    Grown, Distilled & Bottled on Highbank Farm

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    From Apple to Bottle

    At Highbank Orchards we grow everything we process

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    No Added Sugar

    No Sugar or Sweeteners added

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    Gluten Free

    Safe for Celiacs or people with Gluten Intolerance

Totally organic, this unique, healthy product is made from Irish, organic apples from the farm. Highbank Orchard Syrup is completely organic made from our apples only - no pesticides, no artificial fertilisers or preservatives. Stored at ambient temperature, Highbank orchard syrup has a shelf life of over 2 years. With years of research, Highbank launched the Orchard Syrup in 2010 at Savour Kilkenny.

"So, apples is what you get, and what they make is a syrup that is also a tonic. This is a great product, ... when it comes to the morning porridge here at McKenna Central. But it's not just breakfast that benefits from Highbank Syrup: slug it on some ice cream, or a slice of warm apple tart, and you have orchard heaven". Sally McKenna, McKenna Guides

What our customers say: "A real Comfort Food, brings back Childhood" ..."A Mouth Full of Autumn"....."Divinely Healthy and Delicious"...."An Irish Flexifood for drizzling on everything!"..."Vegan Honey"....