Its All About The Farmers

Brooklodge launches a seven course, unique menu,of only Organic Irish Farmers Produce, for the Big Harvest through October

"Its all about the farmers" says Evan Doyle of Brooklodge, "Organic Harvest to The Strawberry Tree is daily. Through our Kitchen door every morning, fifty-two weeks a year, our Farmers bring what they have harvested, and it is only then that our menu is decided.

However, the ‘Big Harvest’ only arrives once a year when our menu bursts with all this wonderful produce for all too brief cameo appearances. This year though with Nature doing, what Nature has done, The Big Harvest has moved to October and so we have decided that we give full homage to our Farmers, with a Special Tasting Menu dedicated totally to the Farm

Here are the Farms that are contributing to each course. ‘Harvest’ such as this, needs little work in The Kitchen… just respect. We hope you enjoy!"

What a menu the chefs produced. On the last night, the farmers were invited to be part of the celebration of the Organic Irish food, interspersed with the customers- now look what can be done!!! Delicious!!! and thank you Chefs of Brooklodge and the Strawberry Tree.

These are the farmers behind the menu and the wonderful creations by the Strawberry Tree Chefs

Oatflake Crusted, St Tola Goats Cheese, Poached Pears
Harvests from
Inagh Farm, Kilbeggan Farm, Highbank Farm, Mossfield Farm and Healy’s Farm

Marinated Fillet of Pork, Pickled Baby Beets, Apple Syrup
Harvests from
Gold River Farm, Healy’s Farm and Highbank Farm

Crispy Duck Egg, Baby Leaf Salad, Rape Seed Oil Dressing
Harvests from
Castle Farm, Healy’s Farm, Gold Fiver Farm and Drumeen Farm

Our Real Chicken Consommé
Harvests from
McDonnell’s Farm, Healy’s Farm, Mossfield Farm and Kilbeggan Farm

A Buttermilk and Pantry Distilled Strawberry Sorbet
Harvests from
Mossfield Farm and Gold River Farm

Slow Cooked Lamb, Puff Pastry, Crushed Pink Fir Apple Potatoes, Woodruff Bearnaise
Harvests from
Gold River Farm, Healy’s Farm, Connolly’s Farm and Drumeen Farm

Anna’s Autumnal Kilner Dessert Pot
Harvests from
Highbank Farm, Mossfield Farm, Connolly’s Farm and Gold River Farm