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Proper cider

Highbank Proper Cider (12Btls)

This traditional, dry cider grown and produced by Highbank Orchards Matured on its wild yeasts Highbank Proper Cider has no added sulphites, no added sugar and is Irish Organic with naturally high tannins. A delicious, refreshing drink, Proper Cider should be served chilled over Ice particularly with a fish course.


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    100% Organic

    Certified Organic by The Organic Trust

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    Single Estate

    Grown, Distilled & Bottled on Highbank Farm

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    No Added Sulphites

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    Gluten Free

    Safe for Celiacs or people with Gluten Intolerance

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    From Apple to Bottle

    At Highbank Orchards we grow everything we process

Single estate orchard ciders from Kilkenny

Highbank Organic Orchards produce their ciders in small speciality batches with an emphasis on pairing ciders with different foods. All organic, with no added sulphites and gluten free, the cider apples are from Highbank’s own organic apples grown on Highbank Organic farm in County Kilkenny

From Blossom to Bottle, our Orchards are our Vineyards Rod & Julie Calder-Potts, Highbank Orchards