Bridgestone Guides - New Food Award of the Year

We are delighted to receive the Bridgestone guides New food of the year 2010 for our Organic Orchard Syrup.

Ingredients: Irish Organic Apples. No Added Sugar. Suitable for Vegetarians. Free from Artificial Colours, Additives and Preservatives”. That’s what it says on the label of Highbank Organic Orchard Syrup, made in Kilkenny by Julie and Rod Calder-Potts. So, apples is what you gets, and what they make is a syrup that is also a tonic.

This is a great product, and it has already edged West Cork honey to the margins when it comes to the morning porridge here at Bridgestone Central. But it’s not just breakfast that benefits from Highbank Syrup: slug it on some ice cream, or a slice of warm apple tart, and you have orchard heaven.

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