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Highbank Medieval Cider

Mixed box of Highbank Organic Cider (12 Btls)

Can't decide if you prefer our Proper Cider or Medieval? What to try both? Or do you just like to choose a cider based on your mood? Yeah, us too.

Well, we've got you sorted! This box has a mix of both of our popular ciders. 6 sweet, 6 dry, one backed with honey, one with nothing added at all. All grown, picked, and bottled right here on our farm in Kilkenny. And all ORGANIC!

Now that's Cidererffic!



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    100% Organic

    Certified Organic by The Organic Trust

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    Single Estate

    Grown, Distilled & Bottled on Highbank Farm

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    No Added Sulphites

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    From Apple to Bottle

    At Highbank Orchards we grow everything we process

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    No Added Sugar

    No Sugar or Sweeteners added