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The Spirit Trio

The Christmas 'Spirit' Trio:

For when you just cannot decide which Highbank single estate spirit is your favourite.. 

The Organic Orchard Spirit 200ml,The Organic Orchard Liqueur 200ml,The Kilkenny Crystal Gin 100ml




200ml x 3

  • 100% Organic

    Certified Organic by The Organic Trust

  • From Apple to Bottle

    At Highbank Orchards we grow everything we process

  • Gluten Free

    Safe for Celiacs or people with Gluten Intolerance

  • No Added Sulphites

  • Single Estate

    Grown, Distilled & Bottled on Highbank Farm

Christmas 'Spirit' Trio

For when you just cannot decide which spirit is your favourite..

At Highbank we believe in making life that little bit easier for fans of our organic spirits, gins and liqueurs. We know it is not always easy to choose so we have come up with the ideal solution. Now you can purchase a trio of our drinks all neatly packaged in a gift bag for your convenience.
Coming in three 200ml bottles are your Highbank Organic Liqueur, Gin and Spirit.
The Organic Orchard Spirit is a subtle and delicate 100% apple aged spirit .
Irish Apple Kilkenny Crystal Gin is made with overtones of 12 Organic botanicals including lavender and blackcurrant buds from the farm and is again a Single Estate product of Highbank Orchards. Finally we have the award winning Orchard Liqueur, very popular as a post-dinner drink taken neat or used in a cocktail especially with ginger or cinnamon.