Highbank Orchard Apple & Elderflower Trifle, Apple Syrup

This delicious recipe is the creation of Derry Clarke for the desert at the Irish Food Writers' Guild, Food Awards 2013. Delicious every layer!

Home Made Museli

Pork Brined in Rum and Cider with Apples

Roasted Pork Shoulder Brined in Rum and Cider with Apples

Gina’s Bagel Banana Snack

Fresh bagel topped with banana and drizzled with Highbank Orchard Syrup.

Irish Artisan Salad with Smoked Ummera Duck Breast

This is a delicious salad or starter recipe by The Old Convent Restaurant combining local, Irish, artisan ingredients.

Omelette with Apple Syrup

I know there might be people who call it blasphemy calling something that contains flour "an omelette" but I could not come up with a better description for my little recipe. It might seem like a pancake but since it doesn't contain milk or butter milk it's technically not a pancake either... Whatever you want to call it, here's a little recipe for a quick (flour) omelette with rhubarb-raspberry compote drizzled with Highbank Orchard Syrup

Doreen’s Courgette Dish

A delicious vegetable dish with Highbank Orchard Syrup

Orchard Syrup Salad Dressing

Orchard Syrup Salad Dressing

A light and simple way to make salad dressing.

Vanilla French Toast

Vanilla French Toast with Orchard Syrup

French Toast with vanilla and Highbank Orchard Syrup